2004,  Fellowship String Quartet (in residence), UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara CA

2000,  Bachelor of Music, Viola Performance, Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin OH


2014,   ‘2014: Looking Ahead’, solo exhibition (guest artist), Studios Eleven, Oakland CA

2013,   ‘UPLOAD’, group digital GIF exhibition, NewHive + GAFFTA, San Francisco CA

2013,   ‘Zing!’, group exhibition, Warehouse 416, Oakland CA

2013,   ‘Small Voids’, group exhibition, Hive Studios/Art Murmur, Oakland CA

2013,   ‘The Print Show’, group exhibition, Ghost Gallery, Seattle WA

2012,   ‘LxWxH: Out of the Box’, group exhibition, LxWxH Gallery, Seattle WA

2012,   ‘Ils Disent’, group exhibition, Cornish Alumni Gallery, Seattle WA

2012,   ‘LxWxH xOpenSpaces’, Subscription Art: @Vermillion, Seattle WA

2012,   ‘Small Voids’, group exhibition, Toshiro Kaplan Building, Seattle WA

2012,   ‘The Gallery Project’, group exhibition, Worth Homes, Vail CO

2012,   ‘ArtFlux‘ – group performance, The Glint, San Francisco CA

2012,   ‘Interlife Crisis‘ – group exhibition, Fictilis Gallery, Seattle WA

2011,   ‘You, Me, and Geometry‘ – group exhibition, Artisan’s on Taylor, Port Townsend WA

2011,   ‘Nepo 5k‘ – group exhibition, Nepo House, Seattle WA

2010,   ‘Prototypes‘ – 3-day solo exhibition, Ghost Gallery, Seattle WA


2012,   The Monarch Review: Issue #2, illustration, Seattle WA

2011,   The Monarch Review: Issue #1, Cover Art and additional illustrations, Seattle WA


2011, ‘(in)Stability‘ (theatre) – Paul Budraitis & Sean Ryan, On the Boards, Seattle WA

2010, ‘Too‘ (dance) – Amy O’Neal & Ivory Smith, TBA: Festival, Portland OR/Northwest Film Forum, Seattle WA

2010, ‘Improvement Club‘ (trailer) – Dayna Hansen, Seattle WA

2009, ‘Relay‘ (dance) – Mark Haim, Velocity Dance Center, Seattle WA

2008, ‘The Strange Hunger‘ (film short) – Sean Pecknold, Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle WA

2008, ‘One Day’ (dance film) – Peggy Piaccenza, Velocity Dance Center, Seattle WA

2007, ‘IG 88: The Dancing Robot’ (music video) – Anton Bogaty, Star Wars Celebration, Los Angeles CA

2007, ‘Numb‘ (film short) – Matt Daniels, Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle WA

2007, ‘Zoo‘ (feature length) – Robinson Devor & Charles Mudede, Cannes Film Festival/Sundance Film Festival/SIFF

2006 – 2009, ‘Tales of Mankind‘ (animation shorts) – Anton Bogaty, SIFF 2007

2004, ‘Undertow of Heaven‘ (7″ vinyl/book of poetry) – Melanie Noel

2003, ‘Part Song’ (multi-disciplinary performance)


2012, ‘Strikefleet Omega‘ – HBS Studios, iPad/tablet

2011, ‘Go Go Kiddo‘ – Go Go Kiddo, iPad

2011, ‘Penguins of Madagascar: Blowholes’s Revenge‘ – Dreamworks & Griptonite Games, 360 Kinect, PS3, Wii

2011, ‘Marvel Superhero Squad: Infinity Gauntlet‘ – Marvel & Griptonite Games, 360,PS3,Wii

2010, ‘Bakugan Dimensions‘ – Spinmaster & Flying Lab Software, PC

2009, ‘Upperdeck U‘ – Upperdeck & Flying Lab Software, PC

2008 – 2010, ‘Pirates of the Burning Sea‘ – Flying Lab Software, PC


2011, ‘Teknikal EP‘ – Mr. Zillion, Pleasure Boat Records, (Electronics)

2010, ‘There’s No Limit‘ – Rave on it, Pleasure Boat Records, (Rave Electronics)

2009, ‘Werewolves of Seattle EP‘ – Mr. Zillion, Eccentric Bliss Records, (Electronics)

2008, ‘Electric Laser‘ – Giant Panda, (hip-hop Viola)

2004, ‘Undertow of Heaven‘ – Stern & Faye , (Viola and Electronics)

2004, ‘The Soul of Tango’ – Santa Barbara Symphony, Delios International, (Viola)

2004, ‘Last Boat – Brent Arnold and The Spheres , Up Records, (Viola)

2003, ‘Hot Shit’ – Quasi, Touch and Go, (Viola)