2004,  Fellowship String Quartet (in residence), UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara CA

2000,  Bachelor of Music, Viola Performance, Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin OH


2019,   Outdoor Exhibition, Cedar St. Gallery, Berkeley CA

2019,   ‘Grids & Geomorphs’, solo exhibition, Guerilla Cafe, Berkeley CA

2019,   ‘From There to Here’, solo exhibition, Sara Lisch Gallery, Berkeley CA

2014,   ‘2014: Looking Ahead’, solo exhibition (guest artist), Studios Eleven, Oakland CA

2013,   ‘UPLOAD’, group digital GIF exhibition, NewHive + GAFFTA, San Francisco CA

2013,   ‘Zing!’, group exhibition, Warehouse 416, Oakland CA

2013,   ‘Small Voids’, group exhibition, Hive Studios/Art Murmur, Oakland CA

2013,   ‘The Print Show’, group exhibition, Ghost Gallery, Seattle WA

2012,   ‘LxWxH: Out of the Box’, group exhibition, LxWxH Gallery, Seattle WA

2012,   ‘Ils Disent’, group exhibition, Cornish Alumni Gallery, Seattle WA

2012,   ‘LxWxH xOpenSpaces’, Subscription Art: @Vermillion, Seattle WA

2012,   ‘Small Voids’, group exhibition, Toshiro Kaplan Building, Seattle WA

2012,   ‘The Gallery Project’, group exhibition, Worth Homes, Vail CO

2012,   ‘ArtFlux‘ – group performance, The Glint, San Francisco CA

2012,   ‘Interlife Crisis‘ – group exhibition, Fictilis Gallery, Seattle WA

2011,   ‘You, Me, and Geometry‘ – group exhibition, Artisan’s on Taylor, Port Townsend WA

2011,   ‘Nepo 5k‘ – group exhibition, Nepo House, Seattle WA

2010,   ‘Prototypes‘ – 3-day solo exhibition, Ghost Gallery, Seattle WA

Commissioned Murals

2019,   Private Residence, Oakland CA

2016, The East Bay Express, Oakland CA

2015, The Emeryville Public Market, Emeryville CA

2014, Private Residence, San Francisco CA

2013, The New Hive, San Francisco CA

2011,   The Monarch Review: Issue #1, Cover Art and additional illustrations, Seattle WA


2012,   The Monarch Review: Issue #2, illustration, Seattle WA

2011,   The Monarch Review: Issue #1, Cover Art and additional illustrations, Seattle WA


2011, ‘(in)Stability‘ (theatre) – Paul Budraitis & Sean Ryan, On the Boards, Seattle WA

2010, ‘Too‘ (dance) – Amy O’Neal & Ivory Smith, TBA: Festival, Portland OR/Northwest Film Forum, Seattle WA

2010, ‘Improvement Club‘ (trailer) – Dayna Hansen, Seattle WA

2009, ‘Relay‘ (dance) – Mark Haim, Velocity Dance Center, Seattle WA

2008, ‘The Strange Hunger‘ (film short) – Sean Pecknold, Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle WA

2008, ‘One Day’ (dance film) – Peggy Piaccenza, Velocity Dance Center, Seattle WA

2007, ‘IG 88: The Dancing Robot’ (music video) – Anton Bogaty, Star Wars Celebration, Los Angeles CA

2007, ‘Numb‘ (film short) – Matt Daniels, Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle WA

2007, ‘Zoo‘ (feature length) – Robinson Devor & Charles Mudede, Cannes Film Festival/Sundance Film Festival/SIFF

2006 – 2009, ‘Tales of Mankind‘ (animation shorts) – Anton Bogaty, SIFF 2007

2004, ‘Undertow of Heaven‘ (7″ vinyl/book of poetry) – Melanie Noel

2003, ‘Part Song’ (multi-disciplinary performance)


2012, ‘Strikefleet Omega‘ – HBS Studios, iPad/tablet

2011, ‘Go Go Kiddo‘ – Go Go Kiddo, iPad

2011, ‘Penguins of Madagascar: Blowholes’s Revenge‘ – Dreamworks & Griptonite Games, 360 Kinect, PS3, Wii

2011, ‘Marvel Superhero Squad: Infinity Gauntlet‘ – Marvel & Griptonite Games, 360,PS3,Wii

2010, ‘Bakugan Dimensions‘ – Spinmaster & Flying Lab Software, PC

2009, ‘Upperdeck U‘ – Upperdeck & Flying Lab Software, PC

2008 – 2010, ‘Pirates of the Burning Sea‘ – Flying Lab Software, PC


2011, ‘Teknikal EP‘ – Mr. Zillion, Pleasure Boat Records, (Electronics)

2010, ‘There’s No Limit‘ – Rave on it, Pleasure Boat Records, (Rave Electronics)

2009, ‘Werewolves of Seattle EP‘ – Mr. Zillion, Eccentric Bliss Records, (Electronics)

2008, ‘Electric Laser‘ – Giant Panda, (hip-hop Viola)

2004, ‘Undertow of Heaven‘ – Stern & Faye , (Viola and Electronics)

2004, ‘The Soul of Tango’ – Santa Barbara Symphony, Delios International, (Viola)

2004, ‘Last Boat – Brent Arnold and The Spheres , Up Records, (Viola)

2003, ‘Hot Shit’ – Quasi, Touch and Go, (Viola)